HSI Reflection

These past three weeks have been so much fun and they flew by. I’m really sad to be leaving but it will be nice to be home once I’m here for awhile. I was in multimedia and media literacy which I learned many things. I learned how to be more cautious of what your “Liking” on social media because that’s how people track you and get to know you. Also I learned to pay more ATTENTION to the news because its necessary to your life to know what’s happening what is going around you and will affect you. finally how to take better pictures which is a skill I will need for the rest of my life since I plan on traveling. I was also in Topics on Number  Theory which was a very hard class, I am very good at math, but this class was a lot of theory which was hard to understand then we learned how to sole a Rubik’s cube (hate those things now BTW), but all in all it was a vey interesting class that I wouldn’t have gotten. I have so many memories from HSI that its hard to pick one that stands out. we have gotten so close it is going to be hard to leave. thinking back I really enjoyed our scavenger hunt because it was when we went from super awkward around each other to being a really close team (the packaged 11)  I will always remember our team if nothing else, we have become so close and work so well together. Before this experience  I was really okay being antisocial and not needing to talk to anyone because I felt like there wasn’t much I had to day but now through this I have learned that I do have something to say and that people will listen to you and its really super fun to go and be social instead of staying in my room on my phone. I will hopefully stay this way and not be afraid of conversation. I think HSI has prepared me in ways I would never have gotten. in no other way would I be able to spend 3 weeks away from family and learn how college makes you feel to be around new people. If I could relive HSI I would be more social sooner and get to learn about more people. When I get back I am just going to talk anyone who wants to listens ear off. Its going to be a sad subject for a while. Next year I will tell anyone who is interested in how amazing tis is and how much it will affect them. Well this is super sad and I hope to be able to always remember these amazing people. I’m excited for senior year reunion.




In class there are a few times that I multitask, but for the most part devices which would allow you to multitask are not allowed in the classes I have. But more times then I would like to admit I have done other homework in the class so that I can get it done. For note taking its usually pen and paper because not a lot of technology is allowed in the classes. When I am outside of school I multitask quiet a bit because you could have multiple conversations going on and your also doing homework and with your family, I feel though that I have managed the situation quiet well. I feel that I am okay at multitasking but it also depends heavily on what I am doing and if I’m interested in it, because if not I will want to do more than one thing. I believe that because I have done it before and it seems to work so far. Now watching this clip on multitasking I will try to do it less, so that I can see if affects me more. I feel this because of al the research maybe it will help me be better in my life. I feel that multitasking is lower a persons ability to think. If we step away from a fast paced world (which is going to be hard in a world fueled by competition) we could have a world full of thinkers and not follower.

TV Program

We watched a video from 14 years ago about mooks and midriffs which I believe we still have to this day they may not be portrayed exactly the same way but we definitely cause the same reaction. for example girls today are still over sexualized and guys still stereotypically act as portrayed in the video.  I feel that they are totally media MTV to be specific created, because without that outlet neither of them would have existed. These existed because of the need for attention and with that we created these “people” who portray a stereotype that gets attention. MTV has changed so much because before it was very music based, but now its a lot more reality TV with the music being lower on the scale of importance. I feel that MTV should go in the direction of more music, but the TV programming they do is keeping them relevant.

Media Consumerism

The video on PBS “Generation Like” talks about media consumerism and how it affects us. It was a surprising seeing how connected everything was, for example if you like something they can then immediately get you to something else same as playing games when you get a coupon its because they can see what you like and then get you something as a reward. I knew they did some of that but I didn’t think it was as integrated. I think integrating marketing into media is total acceptable its just another way to get ahead in life, they do it to for the person its just another way to sell items, because we are such a media focus people we need a way to get those people and media is a very affective way. Before watching this video I had heard the term but didn’t really know I believe that its not a true concern because its another perk of media, its a way to get an advertisement out there. This is going to keep escalating if it gets to a point where it is to obvious then it will become an concern but now its the best form of advertisement we have its very efficient and very effective.

Book Banning

So today we watched a video reading of “And Tango Makes Three” which is a book about two male penguins in the New York city Central Park Zoo which goes through part of there life a homosexual penguin couple and how they wanted to be like the other penguin couple. This leads to there caretaker give them an egg so that they could have a family as well. The penguins (Roy and Silo) get there baby and name her Tango because it takes two to tango, She is the first penguin in the zoo to have two dads. This finalizes with them together in there nest.

There are two sides to censorship pro and anti. The pro-censorship is making the point of the material they are banning is in someway going to corrupt the person/people who will see it, also they are making the argument of the fact that the material in question is to mature for the intended audience. On the other side (anti-censorship) is for the protection of the first amendment with the freedom of speech, so  they want everyone no matter where they are to be able to have access to what they want because it is there natural born right.

Many schools have banned “And Tango Makes Three” which I feel is unwarranted because the book is expressing a persons freedom and a situation which is prevalent in the world today. This book isn’t in any way anti-family its actually promoting freedom of expression with love and equality for all.

My school have taken books out of the classroom but not to my knowledge out of the library. Also my parents believe in the freedom of knowledge, so if I am interested I should be able to access that information.

On the top ten banned books I had read a few, which include “How to Kill a Mockingbird”, “Cather in the Rye”, and “Huckleberry Finn”, but now there are many that sound very interesting that I know want to read.

In my opinion book banning is okay in the classroom because it could become offensive in someway, but if it ids a necessary material for a project it should be fine. Also I feel that if I want the knowledge I should be able to find it and I should have a right to not be persecuted for having it.

I feel that in our time something can not be truly band because if here is a demand for something in someway  there will be a supply of it. Right now we have access to so much that it is crazy. If I want something I can Google t and get it in less than 5 seconds.

The first amendment is related because it protects are right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so when taking that right away by say banning books now you have made it harder for that freedom to be achieved.


First ammedment


News and Entertainment

Today we took a current events quiz and I feel that I did slightly okay but also there were many questions that I had a very hard time doing for example there was a question about who was running for president in 2016 and I could name one. so I now feel that I will keep better track of the news because it is kind of embarrassing to sit here and not know a lot about what was happening in my own state. Then we also took a survey of the times we use entertainment and how we get news from it. That was not as embarrassing as the other survey mentioned. I was very similar to many of the other kids I my class which made me feel better, but again I hope now that I will keep more up to date on what is happening around me maybe not international but at least national.

News to me is something that is factual with little to no biased. Its something that I will be able to get the news out of that others are also using those same facts, so there is a way that  if I got it from one source and someone got a similar story from another source we would have the same facts about that specific topic. If I was looking for a news source I would probably go to CNN to be able to meet my requirements on how they are telling there news. I would trust them because for the must part they are none biased and I would get solid news that I could tell someone else and not be worried about a misconception of facts on my part. Although sometimes for news I will talk to my family for/about news so being able to find a source that is acceptable is a wonderful thing. I am now going o be able to decipher which source is a good one to be able to convey the news properly.

My favorite entertainment would probably have to be a late night comedy (SNL, Jimmy Fallon, etc.) because even if its not conveying news properly but its very funny to watch. I also use them to decompress from the day. I feel that I don’t spend much time with entertainment, but it varies day to day on how I am feeling with it and if I want to go out mostly that’s how it is. My parents don’t really regulate my entertainment because they trust me to make the right choices.




Media Literacy

  • How does your own online behavior compare to the data that we just examined?

– My behavior online is really similar to the data that they collected from teens. The majority of  time I spend online is mostly revolved around social media and I also agreed with the numbers on sharing and what they posted it is quiet similar to mine. See report here.

  • How many limits do your parents put on your online identity and internet time?

– My parents don’t really put any limits on my online identity because I know that they trust me to do the right thing because nothing has happened yet, but if something were to happen that’s when they would start paying more attention to it.

  • How do you think your online identity should look for college? For when you want to get a job?

– I am hoping that when future college  and jobs are looking at my online profile they will see that I am a smart person that doesn’t really post anything compromising. Also that I feel that I haven’t shown anything other than funny pictures and some of myself so I believe that is what they should get out of it.

  • What privacy concerns exist for you and potential college admissions officers and employers?

– Some concerns are that if somebody important later looks at my profile that I will be connected somehow to an event that might not have been the greatest, but they shouldn’t see anything I posted as bad or wrong.

  •  Is it right for a college or employer to reject/fire you based on your online identity?

– I believe that they have the complete right to do so because you will be representing there name and if you have done something that they don’t want connected to them then they have the complete right to make sure there name stays in tacked. If you have been connected to something that was not the smartest thing a person could do and it happened only once there should be some leeway because every person makes mistakes and they should have to weigh the good and bad if you did one thing wrong but 10 good things then I believe there is no room for college/job consequences.


Day 1 HSI

  • Explain how you were nominated for HSI. Why did you want to participate in HSI?

– I was nominated for HSI because of my school dedication and how much I am involved in, I am in honors and do 3 sports and try to do a lot with theatre. I wanted to come  because I thought it would be a great learning experience to be able to stay at the campus also to meet kids from all over the state that were similar to you.

  • What do you expect or hope to learn from your HSI classes? From your fellow HSI classmates? What do you expect or hope to learn about yourself?

– In my HSI classes (Media, Number Theory) I hope to learn many forms of media and how to use them properly. also to learn a new kind of complicated math. From my classmates I hope that I learn some about where there from and even though were in the same state how are lives can be totally different. Finally I hope to learn about how to express myself and feel comfortable around new people.

  • How has your HSI experience been so far? Is it what you expected?

– My HSI experience has been fun but tiring so far. It is mostly what I expected and I’m really excited for this next 2.5 weeks.

  • Is there anything about HSI that you are NOT looking forward to?

Roller-skating. I am not looking forward to roller skating because I am not good at roller skating and I do not enjoy it, is the only thing that I feel I’m not going to enjoy that much. Also sharing the showers kind of suck but I feel like I will get used to that.

  • What information did you find insightful or helpful on past HSI students’ blogs?

– I found all the info on there blogs insightful, because I get to see there transformation from where we are to hopefully how close we will be here soon.

  • Was there anything on the past students’ blogs that surprised you?

– I was surprised by how much people had come to know one another and how they grew from random kids from across the state to people understood one another.